If we are what we read, do, and listen to, then the following is a very curated abbreviated autobiography.



Science Fair 160 in One

  • November 24, 1965 born in San Diego
  • Disappointed that Star Trek was fiction
  • Got a pony
  • Saw 2001: A Space Odyssey 10 times before I was 10
  • Music: Bach, Beethoven, The Beatles
  • Books: Dr. Seuss, Ray Bradbury, Richard Brautigan, C. S. Lewis



Sequential Circuits Pro One

  • Off-roaded motorcycles on the Old Flume Road in East San Diego
  • Studied music and improvisation with Bud Conway
  • Stood on my seat during Star Wars on opening day
  • Landed my first triple salchow
  • Music: Pink Floyd, John Klemmer, Jimi Hendrix, Bee Gees, Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • Books: William Blake, George Orwell, William James, Carl Sagan



Apple Macintosh Computer

  • Set forms and poured cement with Riley Construction
  • Graduated from Christian High School
  • DJ at Aquarius Roll-A-Rena
  • Barista at Java Coffee House on 9th and G
  • Received BA in Speech Communication SDSU
  • Music: Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Gustav Mahler
  • Books: Robert M. Pirsig, James Burke, Stephen Jay Gould



Next Cube

  • Hired as Bartender at Dick’s Last Resort
  • Lived in a Loft in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter
  • August 20, 1993 met Allison Phillips
  • Completed MA thesis examining the conversational use of humor to build personal charisma
  • Received MA in Communication from SDSU
  • Survived father: Ron Riley
  • Created first website
  • Taught interactive media and communication as adjunct faculty for SDSU
  • Started rileyMEDIA
  • September 5, 1998 married Allison Phillips
  • Music: Philip Glass, John Adams, Billie Holiday, Peter Murphy
  • Books: Donald Norman, Edward Tufte, Nicholas Negroponte, Michel Foucault, Jean-François Lyotard, Umberto Eco




  • Discovered Reason: music software
  • First Heard John Adam’s On the Transmigration of Souls
  • rileyMEDIA worked on projects for Sony, Tonka, State of California
  • Received mention in How Magazine, Macromedia: Site of the day
  • Moved rileyMEDIA from downtown San Diego to Hillcrest
  • Developed online assessment and research tools for SDSU
  • Adopted Barclay
  • Music: Sia, Radiohead, Bear McCreary, Miles Davis
  • Books: Susanna Clarke, J. K. Rowling, Kim Stanley Robinson, David Allen





  • Inherited a mini horse
  • Moved to Laughing Horse Ranch in Dehesa area in east San Diego county
  • Remodeled little barn for rileyMEDIA office
  • Music: Al Bowlly, Gregory Alan Isakov, Broken Bells, Gary Numan
  • Books: Peter F. Hamilton, William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Paul Eckman