Farewell Dick’s Last Resort

A final split in front of the bar at Dick’s Last Resort which closed today. During my 20 years behind that bar (starting in the early 1990s): I met Allison (my wife), paid for grad school, sang hundreds of times with the house rock band Private Domain, and probably had the best time while working . . . ever.

But more than that I accrued my 10,000 hours of playing with strangers.  Finding that unexpected commonality that allowed shared laughter and memorable moments.  That is what being a Dick was all about.  It was the irreverent and novel course of interaction that allowed folks to get off their practiced script of expected phatic conversation and venture into the unexpected (and sometimes scary but) always fun domain of real play.  If you did your job right, your customers would fondly remember that night for a lifetime.

Thank you Dick’s for everything. I’m proud to say I will always be a Dick.


Posted September 25th, 2016 in Uncategorized.