Music Tracks from the late 90s and early 2000s

I recently discovered some old music tracks I composed and programmed.  My original composition setup included:

  • Four track tape recorder
  • Fender Rhodes
  • Sequential Circuits Pro-1
  • Emu Proteus
  • Emu Emax II
  • Roland TR-606  TB-303

Later, I replaced this setup using a Mac and a few USB keyboards and Reason music software.  Not as vintage, but far more flexible.


Rainy Night in the City (2004)

After programming until 2 am at the office loft in Downtown San Diego in early 2004, it started to rain. At that time, rileyMEDIA was located on the top floor – five stories up – in the Ratner clothing building (which was quite literally a sweatshop in 1901).  Our office had a spectacular view of East Village Downtown San Diego.  When it rained at night, the ambient city noise took on a whisper tone that often provoked my imagination.  I had just setup my old Fender Rhodes with my other keyboards a few days before. So that night I tried to capture the late night rain soaked city mood with this track.

Grace (2002)

One of the creepiest movies I absolutely love is “The Night of the Hunter”  Starring Robert Mitchum.  The story follows a psychopathic preacher who fools everyone but two children who he is chasing through the country side to kill.  As a thought experiment, I imagined what would the preacher sound like if he was performing at a rave.  I used audio clips from the movie to give the preacher voice.  For good measure, I also included audio clips of Jim Jones (I only wished I had higher resolution recordings available of the Jim Jones audio).

Dream (1996)

Originally this track was created for a modern dance performance.

Victoria (2003)

This track was composed to accompany a FLASH animation proposed to Victoria Secret for a special promotion website sometime around 2003.  I didn’t get the contract, but I do like the track that came out of it.  The image and feeling I was trying to create while composing / programming was something that might accompany a skimpily clad Bond Girl while she is descending a luxurious staircase into an indoor pool filled with floating candles.  Well, that was the mood I was trying to get – see what you think.

Myst (2000)

No real story for this one.

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