Take out the middle man and be da’ MAN!

A healthy portion of my work involves building and designing web sites and applications. A common frustration with online content designers are limitations imposed by a shared hosting environment. Shared hosting companies such as GoDaddy, HostGator (or one of my favorites HandsonHosting) run hundreds if not thousands of users on each host and must protect the neighbors from each other by imposing limitations for each account. For example, allowing huge file uploads or long processing times for one account will slow performance for everyone else sharing that server instance. This makes good sense, but try explaining server limitation to your client the CEO who always gets what s/he wants.

Why not get rid of the shared hosting “middle man” and set up your own server instance on AWS? Okay, it might be a little intimidating at first – especially if you have never used SSH (that is typing white text into a black screen talking directly to the computer – think “War Games”). But, try it a few times and you will never go back. Designing your own server instance specifically for your project rather than trying to work around a very limited system is addicting.

You will have your own server instance – not a shared one. You can determine how many resources, like brute processing power, you can allocate to that instance and set your own limitations. If you are just starting you can build an instance and if it is not right, wipe it and start over. And, Amazon, lets you start for free.
Why not give it a try . . .


Posted May 29th, 2014 in Web Development.