Sean Riley

COMPOSER: electronic music, soundtrack, sound installation 
DEVELOPER: full stack web application, automation
DESIGNER:  interface, graphics, experience
COMMUNICATOR:  speaker, educator, host, officiant  

TOOLS: Animate, Apache, AWS, Bash, CSS3, Dreamweaver, Drupal, Git, HTML5, Illustrator, InDesign, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Photoshop, PHP, Python, Reason, WordPress, VMware

STUDIED COMMUNICATION: at SDSU receiving both BA and MA: conversation and interpersonal competence, persuasion, theory and study design 

CLIENTS SOME PAST SOME NOW:  Rutledge Claim Management, Sony, Informa, UBM, The Aesthetic Show,  San Diego State University, The London Institute of Space Policy and Law, Digital Asylum, Koenig Creative, The Oxford Group, ChampCohen, Croce’s, ProfitLine, Novatel, Sun Diego, ingenium, Latisse

LIKES: laughing, asking and being asked good questions, programing, solving design issues, singing, horses and dogs, finding a good poem, idealizing the future, vintage radio shows, good simple design, Bowie, Bach and others, Floevog shoes, museum cafes in other cities, Sherlock Holmes stories, watching people doing things well, coffee, wearing costumes, being outside, doing just about anything with Allison, conversation, roller disco, that comfortable silence shared by old friends, science fiction, finding new things to like